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Mental health care for real people

Online behavioral health in Idaho & Alabama.

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Our Story

White Pine Mental Health & Wellness started with the hope of being a really simple solution to a bunch of complicated problems.    

Throughout her 14 year career, Kathryn (Harris) Werner, a psychiatric PA, saw that regardless of location, people wanted more convenient, more comprehensive mental health care.  Care that was easy to access with providers who took the time to really listen and develop a relationship. Treatment that looks at the whole person. 

At the same time, Kathryn wanted to work at a practice she felt good about; one where she could take the time to provide the quality mental health care people deserve.  Where reaching your provider was easy and medications were not only thoughtfully prescribed, but were also only one part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

At White Pine Mental Health & Wellness, we aim to offer a simple solution to these problems and look forward to providing great mental health care for you.  

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Kathryn Harris Werner, PA-C

"Kathryn is caring and knowledgeable.  She took her time to really understand what is going on and explain the treatment.  So glad I found her!" 

Former Patient - Boise, ID - April 04, 2017

Kathryn Harris Werner graduated from Idaho State University in 2007 and practiced psychiatry in Boise until 2017, when her husband's job relocated their family to Alabama.  Since then, she has built relationships with patients and providers in Alabama while maintaining those in Idaho.

These experiences, with other clinicians as well as with patients, has allowed Kathryn to develop a psychiatry practice style that combines thorough investigation, expert medical management, and practical counseling.  Working with patients to manage their depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns is her passion. 

While physician assistants work under the medicolegal supervision of a medical or osteopathic doctor, they can own and manage their own practices.  Dr. Candes Dotson generously joined forces with Kathryn as her supervising physician, to serve patients in both Alabama and Idaho. 

Outside of work, you can find her camping and hiking with her family, enjoying a good book, or managing the general chaos of two young children and a houseful of pets.

About: Welcome
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