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How It Works

Steps of Care

How It Works: Welcome
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Convenient Mental Health Care

In hopes of bringing you excellent care for your depression, anxiety or other metal illness in the most convenient way, we offer appointments through telepsychiatry.  Basically, we're an online psychiatrist's office!  No more driving back and forth to the office, fumbling with forms, or waiting in a lobby. 

With online scheduling, you can see all our available time slots and pick what works best for you.  We'll send all the usual forms electronically and you can even e-sign them.  We're happy to help with this process, but find that most patients totally have it under control.  

Getting Started

Take a look around our website to get a feel for our practice.  If you like what you see, reach out through email or our contact form.  

Once you reach out, we will send you a brief pre-screen questionnaire to ensure that we are able to work together.  If it seems like you are a good fit, we'll schedule you an appointment and set you up with our patient portal where you can find our consent forms and intake questionnaires.

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Your First Appointment

At your first visit, we will spend about an hour discussing all your concerns, your history, your life, and your goals.  Really understanding your symptoms and how they affect your life is so important to providing an accurate diagnosis.  That diagnosis is often the key step in finding the treatment that will help you feel your best.  

From there, we will work together to develop a personalized plan in which medication is just one of many tools.  Sleep, nutrition, diet, exercise, thought work, and so many other options are explored as a part of your care. 

Ongoing Care

As part of your personalized care, we'll check back in periodically to discuss how you're doing.  So much more than just a quick medication check, we discuss your unique life stressors and successes, how you feel about your treatment, and where you're at with your goals.  We work together to adjust your medicines until we've found an effective medication at an effective dose.  We also provide brief therapy and create a lifestyle plan that best addresses your depression, mania, anxiety, or other issues.  Eventually we'll help you decide if and when to stop treatment.   

Collaboration is an important part of our process and a lot of what makes us different.  We listen to you, educate you and include you in your care every step of the way.  We also collaborate with your other providers and loved ones.  With your permission, we will work with your primary care provider, specialists, counselor, and family to make sure your care is seamless.

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"Kathryn is caring and knowledgeable.  She took her time to really understand what is going on and explain the treatment.  So glad I found her!"

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