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  • Kathryn Werner, PA-C

What’s YOUR Anxiety Style?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

The coronavirus has ALOT of us feeling pretty anxious. Even folks that aren't usually worriers are feeling it these days (one of the reasons, I'm writing a blog at 11:00 instead of sleeping) - and understandably so.

Over the years, I've noticed there tends to be some common varieties of anxiety. Nothing scientific at all, but in my observation, its helpful to get specific since different types of anxiety seem to respond better to different coping techniques.

So below you’ll find the types of anxiety I see most commonly (and have routine engaged in myself!).

"I can't stop thinking. My brain never shuts off. I just keeping the same thing over and over.” Your brain feels like it's going a million miles an hour, and it's going nowhere good. Maybe it's things that are bothering you or things that need to be done, but its a lot.

"Everything seems to be going wrong, and I just can't handle it" Anything that goes wrong, or even just not right, triggers a really big reaction - physical, emotional, or both. And it feels like things are going wrong way too often.

"I feel super edgy. I'm not worried about anything I just can't sit still."

You feel tense and wound up without any specific thoughts of worry. Super uncomfortable and often makes it hard to focus or sleep. Not a good feeling!

"I get these panic attacks that come out of nowhere."

Maybe you've got alot going on in general, but the awful palpitations, shortness or breath, or racing thoughts hit you without a clear trigger. Or maybe there's a trigger, but the physical reaction seems way out of proportion. It was a grumpy coworker, not a hungry grizzly bear!

"Nothing's really bothering me, I just can't sleep and am getting these headaches all the time."

You're not having any real worrisome thoughts, just some physical issues that you can't really explain. It's getting really old, and you're up for trying anything at this point!

Obviously, not everybody fits neatly into one of those categories. Some people may have anxiety that feels nothing like any of what I've described, and an awful lot of people will have different types of anxiety at different times. But usually my patients with anxiety have some combination of those. So over the next few days, I'll talk about different ways to deal with each.

If you feel up to it, leave a comment about what type of anxiety you feel and what coping skills work for you. Maybe something your anxiety has taught you will be exactly what someone else needs over the next few weeks!

Check back tomorrow for the good stuff - coping skills specific to your anxiety style.

And if you'd like to work with me directly to address your anxiety in an even more personalized way, reach out to schedule a time to chat.


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