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  • Kathryn Werner, PA-C

What's YOUR anxiety style? (part 2)

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Well, now that we've broken down the different types of anxiety, we can get to the good stuff - what to do about it!

"I can't stop thinking. My brain never shuts off. I just keeping the same thing over and over.”

Your brain feels like it's going a million miles an hour, and it's going nowhere good. Maybe it's things that are bothering you or things that need to be done, but its a lot.

Meditation can be life changing for this type of anxiety. Quieting your brain for even five minutes at a time can train your brain to eliminate unwanted thoughts and generally slow down. There are some amazing apps (Headspace and Calm for example).

HOWEVER, I hear pretty often that when these people try meditating, the chatter just gets louder which causes more frustration and anxiety. Heck, I've experience it!

Enter the "brain dump". Basically scheduling 5-10 minutes once or twice a day to just write it all out. Anything and everything that comes to your head in that time goes on a piece of paper. From your grocery list to something your spouse said to a project at work - anything.

The idea is just to give it a place other than your head to live. If you're really organized, you may follow up and make some sense of this, but the only goal in this is just to let it out without any concern.

The actual act of writing may further increase the benefits. There's evidence that handwriting forces your brain to slow down to the speed of your pen and actually increases neuronal activity in the brain similar to meditation.

After a few weeks, some people find their brain is quiet enough to try meditation. Other people find that the brain dump serves their purpose. Either way is a win!

How many of you have tried this? Was it effective? I'd love to hear what works for those of you that overthink!

Check back for part 3 where we'll discuss tips on managing the "Everything is going wrong" type anxiety.

And if you'd like to work with me directly to address your anxiety in an even more personalized way, reach out to schedule a time to chat.

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