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Personalized psychiatry that fits your life.

Personalized psychiatry in Alabama & Idaho.

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Mental healthcare can feel impersonal and overwhelming.

You know anxiety, depression, or overwhelm are impacting your life, and you’re ready to get some help.  You feel like meds might be an important piece of the puzzle, but traditional psychiatry doesn’t quite feel right.  You’re not sure exactly what you need, but it’s definitely not inconvenient appointments, phone tag, or a provider who focuses on meds more than on you.

You’re looking for a partner in your mental wellness and a process that feels good. 

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I believe in care that feels good for you.

Hi I'm Kathryn!

I believe psychiatric care shouldn’t be impersonal, overwhelming, or inconvenient, but that it should be a relationship that meets you where you are and provides support along the way.

Since 2007, I have specialized in psychiatric medication management with a focus on anxiety, depression, women's health, and comprehensive care.  I am deeply invested in your wellness and strive to create a positive experience.

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My Specialities

Medication Management

Medication for mental health isn’t one size fits all, and it definitely isn’t just about treating an illness.  It’s about choosing medications tailored specifically to you and your goals.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

Mental wellness works best in a healthy environment.  We’ll explore and address all the facets of your mental health so that we're not just managing your symptoms, but improving your life.

Mental Health for Women

Women have unique needs for their mental health and for their lives.  If you are conceiving, pregnant, post partum, lactating or experiencing other hormonal transitions, I’ve got you.

Anxiety & Depression

You are so much more than your anxiety or depression.  Let’s work together to create a personalized plan to help you feel more like yourself and live a life you love.

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The Process


Schedule a new patient appointment, fill out new patient paperwork, and get started.


Meet me online where we’ll work together to create a plan that feels good for you.


Feel confident in your care and grow in your mental wellness.

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Above all, 

you deserve care that fits you and your life.

Reach out to learn more about working together.

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