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Comprehensive care where you are.


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Life is busy.  Depression and anxiety make it even harder to manage.  To bring you the best possible psychiatric care in the most convenient way, we offer appointments through telepsychiatry.  Basically, we're an online psychiatry office for patients anywhere in Alabama or Idaho.

We specialize in treating people with anxiety and depression, especially during life transitions.  We provide a wholistic approach to mental illness that utilize medication in combination with counseling and lifestyle changes to help you thrive in your life!

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Accurate Diagnosis, Expert Treatment

Psychiatric illnesses can be tricky.  There are no labs or tests to tell us whether a person's irritability or poor focus is from anxiety or from ADHD.  Without the correct diagnosis, treatment is much less likely to be successful and sometimes can even be harmful.  

At White Pine Mental Health & Wellness, we take the time to get to know you and the details of not just your illness, but of you as a person.  With this information, we can make an accurate diagnosis and choose medications that are tailored specifically to you and your goals.  

And while medications are definitely our specialty, we combine this with mental health education, sleep advice, nutrition and exercise plans, and discussions about relationships and coping skills so that we're not just managing your disease, but helping you succeed in your life.